The Work

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To the right is a selection of projects from both my academic and professional careers. Each one contains a short description of the challenge to be solved, a somewhat lengthier description of the solution that was developed by me or my team. A selection of images from each project is also included.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about a particular project, please let me know!

A Working Philosophy

While I enjoy the challenge and flexibilty of the freelance lifestyle, I am actively pursuing a full-time position. But as where do I fit in, you might ask? Well, it's hard to say, precisely - interaction design, information design, user research, brand strategy - I do a bit of everything.

As a user experience generalist, I stand at the intersection of user needs, business demands, and the creative imperative. My primary interests lie in the realms of service design, design strategy, and user research. I have a special affinity for integrated projects that incorporate interaction design elements, have a strong brand sensibility, and involve other design disciplines.

From a both a practical and philosophical viewpoint, I'm chiefly concerned with the transmission of the idea of an experience from the mind of the designer into to the life of the user. The realization of this idea can be whatever is most approptiate - a physical product, a service offering, a branding solution, whatever. My view of the design process tends to be very holistic and inclusive.

At my best, I'm working in a friendly, team-based, interdisciplinary environment. As a writer and communication designer, I am skilled at conveying ideas across disciplines, especially easing the handoff between reseach and other disciplines and ensuring that user needs are met over the course of a whole project. I am equally comfortable talking to engineers, industrial designers, graphic artists, computer programmers, and businessmen as I am to other researchers or interaction designers; I feel that all disciplines should have an equal stake in each part of the development process.

Ultimately, I have an intense desire to influence the world, to make it better for people to live in through the use of design, and the best way to do that which I can see is by guiding and taking action to create the products and services that enable people to do positive things in their lives.